Aquagarden Pond Pump

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Aquagarden Pond Pump
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Aquagarden pond pumps are high quality pumps manufactured with advanced technology, designed specifically to run fountains, filters and waterfalls. The powerful motors are easy to maintain, having a single moving part impeller system, featuring highly wear-resistant ceramic shaft and bearing design. The caged design prevents clogging, whilst the optional pre-filter foam can be used with a daisy jet that reduces blocking.

Technical Specification

2500 3750 4750 6750 15000
Max Capacity 2200 l/Hr 3712 l/Hr 4750 l/Hr 6750 l/hr 22500 l/hr
Max Head Height 2.2m 2.0m 2.4m 4.0m 5.5m
Power 48w 47w 75w 135w 260w
Cable Length 10m 10m 10m 10m 10m
  • Ideal to run fountains, waterfalls, filters and features
  • A comprehensive range of fountains heads, fittings and adjusters included
  • High performance, low maintenance design
  • Economical and easy to install; an enhanced, low velocity cage prevents the pump from clogging
  • 3 years guarantee

In the UK it is illegal for manufacturers to supply an indoor use 3-pin plug with a fixed outdoor product for safety reasons.