AquaOak Black Edition Highlights

AquaOak Premium Oak Aquariums are unique in their quality and built to last a lifetime. Made from European and North American Oak these aquariums complement the existing furnishings of your home. The black two-tone effect gives an extra something for those of us who love traditional oak aquariums but still want an aquarium that stands out from the crowd. You no longer need to choose between having a piece of furniture or an aquarium in your lounge – now you can have both! Every inch of the cabinet has been meticulously handcrafted by expert joiners from only the finest cuts of premium grade European solid oak. The design is refreshingly simple; it features perfectly smooth surfaces with a high-grade polish finish, reflective handles and elegantly angled feet. Even the backs and bases are made from 100% solid oak. The cupboards and draws are also made from solid oak ensuring full support for any filtration you may be considering. All doors are fitted with magnetic guards. The float glass tank not only gives perfect visibility but also gives the sheet uniform thickness and a very flat surface. All glass is finished with a polished edge leaving a top-quality tank and cabinet set. 

Available In-Store Only

AquaOak Small Cube Black Edition


AquaOak 76cm Black Edition


AquaOak 110cm Black Edition


Length 55cm
Width 45cm
Height 127cm
Volume 80L

Length 76cm
Width 35cm
Height 131cm
Volume 100L

Length 110cm
Width 45cm
Height 136cm
Volume 200L