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  1. TetraPro Colour
    TetraPro Colour
    From £4.40
  3. TetraPro Menu
    TetraPro Menu
  4. Tetra Marine Flakes
    Tetra Marine Flakes
  5. Tetra Discus Granules 300g
    Tetra Discus Granules 300g
  6. cichlid, colour, pellet food
    Tetra Cichlid Colour 165g
  7. algae, cichlid food.
    Tetra Cichlid Algae 165g
  8. betta food, flake food
    Tetra Betta Food 100ML
  9. AquaCare Vegetable Flakes
    AquaCare Vegetable Flakes
    From £3.99
  10. Pack of bottles and tub of AquaCare Value pack including Bio-Boost, Tap Water Conditioner and Pro-colour granules
    AquaCare Value Pack - Large
  11. Vitalis Tropical X Small Pellets
    Vitalis Tropical X Small Pellets
    From £5.49
  12. Vitalis Mini TropicalGrazer™
    Vitalis Mini TropicalGrazer™
    From £8.49
  13. Vitalis Tropical Flakes
    Vitalis Tropical Flakes
  14. API, Tropical food, flakes
    API Tropical Flake Fish Food
    From £5.49
  15. TetraMin Plus
    TetraMin Plus
    From £4.99
  16. tetra colour, food, crisps
    Tetra Colour Tropical Crisps
    From £5.49
  17. sinking food, granules, tropical fish, tropical food
    Fluval Bug Bites Tropical
    From £5.99
  18. sinking granules, bug bites, colour enhancing formula
    Fluval Bug Bites Colour Enhancer
    From £7.49