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  1. API, Algae Eater, Wafers
    API Algae Eater Wafers
    From £7.99
  2. Tetra Plecomin Tablets
    Tetra Plecomin Tablets
  3. Fluval Bug Bites Bottom Feeder
    Fluval Bug Bites Bottom Feeder
    From £6.49
  4. Vitalis Plec Pellets
    Vitalis Plec Pellets
    From £7.49
  5. pleco food in the pouch with spirulina wafer high quality yellow
    Tetra Wafer Mix (68g)
    Out of Stock Online
  6. Vitalis Catfish X Small Pellets
    Vitalis Catfish Pellets (X Small)
    From £5.49
  7. AquaCare Tropical Tabs
    AquaCare Tropical Tabs
    From £5.99
  8. AquaCare Spirulina Sinking Wafers
    AquaCare Spirulina Sinking Wafers
    From £4.49
  9. Tetra Tablets TabiMin
    Tetra Tablets TabiMin
    From £6.49