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  1. Aqua Range LCD Smart Heater
    Aqua Range LCD Smart Heater
    From £32.99
  2. Oase heater, aquarium heater
    Oase HeatUp Aquarium Heater
    From £20.99
  3. Hydor ETH External Aquarium Heater
    Hydor ETH External Aquarium Heater
    From £62.49
  4. Aqua Range Aqua-Eco Heater
    Aqua Range Aqua-Eco Heater
    From £21.99
  5. BiOrb heater pack for BiOrb Aquariums.
    BiOrb Heater Pack
  6. Fluval edge thermometer.
    Fluval Edge Thermometer
  7. Interpet Nano Stat Heater
    Interpet Nano Stat Heater
    From £16.99
  8. heater, aquarium, superfish
    Out of Stock Online
Aquarium Heaters & Accessories

A heater is essential to every tropical aquarium for keeping the water at a safe temperature for your fish. All heaters come with a variable control so you have set the required temperature of your aquarium, the heaters then use a thermostat to keep your aquarium water at the temperature you set. We also sell a range of thermometers so you can keep your eye on the exact temperature of your water.