Blagdon Clean Pond Machine

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Blagdon Clean Pond Machine
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The Blagdon Clean Pond Machine is an effective, easy-to-use filtration system that keeps your pond clean and healthy while keeping your hands clean and dry.

The unique, innovative, foam-free design combines over ten years of research & development along with patented features to bring you a considered product that deals with and prevents the age-old issues that come with pond-keeping:

  • Frequent and messy cleaning routines
  • Blocked, clogged filters
  • Soggy, sludgy foams
  • Green water
  • Ineffective water cleaning- resulting in a cloudy pond

Paired with the Clean Pond Pods (free starter pack included), the complete system also deals with:

  • Algae such as blanket weed
  • Encourages healthy plant growth
  • Makes tap water top-ups safe
  • Eats pond sludge- further reducing filter cleaning

The integrated Clean Pond Pod dosing chamber means the wildlife-friendly treatment gets to work at the heart of your filter to deliver optimum results.

The filter uses our exclusive 2-in-1 CHI media that functions as both mechanical and biological filtration and comes with a lifetime guarantee. Unlike foams, the media will never deteriorate or need replacing and will go on effectively and consistently cleaning your pond for years to come!

Cleaning is a breeze using the 'Turn to Wash, Clean Hands' system. Simply rotate the handle to break-up the media and flush out the collected dirt captured from the pond. The flushed, dirty water can be recycled on your plant boarders and is beneficial to the garden.

The filter body has been specifically designed to be smaller than conventional pressure filters while still delivering exceptional performance. Convenient above or in-ground installation, along with its size, makes it more subtle and easier to locate.

As a team of pondkeepers ourselves, we know that one of the main joys of having a pond is keeping fish. However, this comes with the inevitable chore of having a filter to clean. Making it easier and guaranteeing clear water was our main objective, creating a product that we would want to use ourselves.

For your peace-of-mind, this product comes with a selection of guarantees:

  • A confident 3-year manufacturers’ guarantee
  • The CHI media lifetime guarantee
  • A clear water guarantee- delivered by the integrated UV Clarifier.

We would recommend either the Amphib IQ or Aquagarden range of pond pumps which are both ideally suited to run this filter system effectively.

Key Features:

  • Turn to wash 'Clean Hands' cleaning system
  • Integrated Green Water UV clarifier
  • Revolutionary foam-free 2-in-1 CHI media with lifetime guarantee
  • Paired with Clean Pond Pods for 5-in-1 cleaning solution (FREE Pods included in pack)
  • Direct to filter Pod dosing chamber
  • Economical to run - low wattage
  • Convenient installation - above or in-ground
  • 3 year guarantee