For over 40 years, API has produced pond and aquarium fish food and aquarium treatments along with additives and equipment. With a great reputation within the aquatics industry, API is the brand which most people know and is a solid staple for most fishkeepers along with Tetra and Interpet.

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  1. bottle of API Goldfish Protect.
    API Goldfish Protect
  2. API, Algae Eater, Wafers
    API Algae Eater Wafers
    From £7.99
  3. API, Tropical pellets
    API Tropical Pellets
    From £4.49
  4. api tropical mini pellets sinking
    API Tropical Mini Pellets (51g)
    Out of Stock Online
  5. API bottle, of ph down the chemical.
    API pH Down 118ml
  6. API, Tropical food, flakes
    API Tropical Flake Fish Food
    From £5.49
  7. Box of Tetra5 in 1 aquarium test strips
    API 5-in-1 Test Strips
  8. box of 250 alkaline test kits for aquariums.
    API PH Strip Test Kit
  9. box of Nitrate API test kits.
    API Nitrite Test Kit
  10. API CICHLID PELLETS Floating Pellets Fish Food
    API Cichlid Pellets
    From £5.49
  11. API Pond Stress Coat
    API Pond Stress Coat
    From £15.49