Aqua Range

We have a huge range of low-cost products in our Aqua Range catalogue. Here you will find everything you need to get started with a new aquarium including gravel and ornaments, heaters, filters and air pumps and accessories. All of these products are cost effective and suitable for any freshwater home aquarium.

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  1. Aqua Range Air Airstone
    Aqua Range Air Airstone
    From £1.99
  2. Aqua Range Aqua-Eco Heater
    Aqua Range Aqua-Eco Heater
    From £21.99
  3. airline tubing for Aqua range. 25m
    Aqua Range Airline (25m)
  4. internal aqua filer
    Aqua Range Aqua Internal Filter
    From £15.99
  5. Aqua Range LCD Smart Heater
    Aqua Range LCD Smart Heater
    From £32.99