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  1. Castle Ruins, Aquarium Ornaments.
    Classic Castle Ruin
  2. Sandstone Ring, aquarium ornaments
    Classic Sandstone Ring
  3. Grecian goddess, aquarium ornaments
    Classic Grecian Goddess
  4. Bonsai on Rocks, aquarium ornaments.
    Classic Bonsai on Rocks
  5. Cobbled Chimney, aquarium ornament
    Classic Cobbled Chimney
  6. Treasure chest, aquarium ornament.
    Classic Treasure in Chest
  7. Clam, aquarium ornament.
    Classic Closing Clam Shell
  8. Ancient Castle, ruins. Aquarium Ornaments.
    Classic Ancient Castle Ruin
  9. Driftwood. aquarium ornament.
    Classic Driftwood / Plants
    Out of Stock Online
  10. Medium Galleon, aquarium ornament.
    Classic Medium Galleon
  11. LArge Galleon on rocks Aquarium Ornament.
    Classic Large Galleon
  12. Galleon, aquarium ornament.
    Classic Extra Large Galleon
  13. Classic, flower skull. Aquarium Ornament.
    Classic Skull
  14. Divers Helmet, Aquarium Ornament.
    Classic Divers Helmet
  15. Twin Column roman, aquarium ornament.
    Classic Twin Column Ruin
  16. Arizona Rock, Aquarium Ornament.
    Classic Arizona Rock
  17. Roman Columns and Air Stone, Aquarium Ornament.
    Classic Roman Columns / Air
  18. Roman Square, Aquarium Ornament
    Classic Roman Square Column
  19. Roman Tower Aquarium Ornament.
    Classic Roman Tower
  20. Rocky Edge, aquarium ornament.
    Classic Rocky Ledge
  21. Rocky Rope bridge, Aquarium Ornament.
    Classic Rocky Rope Bridge
  22. Weathered sandstone- Aquarium ornament
    Classic Weathered Sandstone
  23. Oyster, aquarium ornament
    Classic Oyster/MC Pearl/A
  24. White Sandstone and cactus, aquarium ornament.
    Classic White Stone/Cactus
  25. Rocky arch, aquarium onrament.
    Classic Rocky Arch / Plants
  26. Driftwood aquarium ornament.
    Classic Driftwood Column
  27. Roman tower, aquarium ornament
    Classic Roman Tower
  28. Coral and Lava aquarium ornament
    Classic Coral on Lava
  29. Bonsi, driftwood aquarium ornament.
    Classic Bonsai D/wood
  30. Cobble chimney, aquarium ornament.
    Classic Cobble Chimney
  31. Lava plant arch, aquarium ornament
    Classic Lava Rock/Plant/Air
  32. Bamboo, aquarium ornament.
    Classic Bamboo/Plants
  33. skull, aquarium ornament
    Classic Cracked Skull
  34. Coral aquarium ornament
    Classic Large Coral Garden
  35. Galleon with sails, aquarium ornament.
    Classic Galleon with Sails
    Out of Stock Online

Our huge range of aquarium ornaments from Classic Pet Products are superbly detailed and non-toxic. We have an even larger choice of aquarium ornaments available in our stores. Please note, these ornaments are not suitable for use in a marine aquarium.