Columbo produces a great range of plant products for your aquarium to keep your live plants healthy and looking great. The selection of fertilizers, nutrient additives and CO2 boosters will help your aquarium plants thrive.

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  1. Colombo FloraGrow Carbo Alternative for CO2
    Colombo FloraGrow Carbo CO2 Fertiliser
    From £7.99
  2. Colombo FloraGrow Liquid Fertiliser for Planted Aquariums
    Colombo FloraGrow Liquid Plant Fertiliser
    From £7.99
  3. Colombo Root Fertiliser Nutri Caps Bottle
    Colombo FE Tabs Iron Supplement
    Out of Stock Online
  4. Colombo Nutri-Caps Root Fertiliser
    Colombo Nutri-Caps Root Fertiliser
    Out of Stock Online
  5. Colombo FloraGrow Pro Liquid Leaf Fertilizer
    Colombo FloraGrow Pro Special Fertiliser
    From £9.99