Oase is known all over the world for its quality German products. Also behind Biorb and Pontec, Oase has a fantastic range of superb quality pond products including the industry-leading AquaMax pump, Filtoclear pressure filter and the Biosmart filter boxes. In addition to a superb range of outdoor products, Oase has also started producing aquarium equipment which has been really successful in it’s first few years.

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  1. bioplus thermo 50 filter
    Oase BioPlus Thermo Internal Filter
    From £42.49
  2. oase optimix pump 1000 out of box
    Oase OptiMax Aquarium Pump
    From £20.99
  3. aquamax pond pump with hosetail
    Oase AquaMax Eco Classic Pond Pump
    From £119.99
  4. aquamax eco premium pond pump with hosetails and fittings
    Oase AquaMax Eco Premium Pond Pump
    From £242.99
  5. filtoclear 600 pressure filter with uvc and hosetails
    Oase FiltoClear Pond Filter
    From £269.99
  6. oase vitronic uvc 11w with housetails
    Oase Vitronic UV Clarifier
    From £77.99
  7. oase biopress 4000 filter with hosetails
    Oase BioPress Pond Filter
    From £139.99
  8. 11cm water plant basket
    Oase Square Pond Planter Basket
    From £0.99
  9. filtoclear sets including pump and filter for clear water
    Oase Filtoclear Set
  10. oase biomaster 60ppi sponges for filter
    Oase BioMaster Pre-Filter Foam 60ppi
    From £15.49
  11. oase biomaster foam 4 pack blue
    Oase BioMaster Pre-Filter Foam 45ppi
    From £15.49
  12. blue biomaster foam
    Oase BioMaster Pre-Filter Foam 30ppi
    From £15.49
  13. biocompact internal filter cluster image
    Oase BioCompact Internal Filter
    From £16.49
  14. Oase heater, aquarium heater
    Oase HeatUp Aquarium Heater
    From £20.99
  15. Aquarius universal 440 water feature pump
    Oase Aquarius Universal Classic
    From £40.99
  16. aquarius fountain pump with nozzle attachments
    Oase Aquarius Fountain Set Classic
    From £45.99
  17. biopress 400 replacement media foams x3
    Oase Biopress Replacement Foam Set
    From £19.99
  18. pond vacuum by Oase
    Oase PondoVac 3 Pond Vacuum
    Out of Stock Online
  19. Oase pod pond vacuum
    Oase PondoVac 4 Pond Vacuum
    Out of Stock Online
  20. Oase OxyMax
    Oase OxyMax
    From £25.99
  21. Oase BioPlus Internal Filter
    Oase BioPlus Internal Filter
    From £26.99