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  1. Growth soil. Prodibio. 9KG.
    Prodibio AquaGrowth Soil
    Out of Stock Online
  2. prodibio, start up, kit
    Prodibio Start Up
    From £6.99
  3. Proidbio BioClean Fresh
    Proidbio BioClean Fresh
    From £6.99
  4. BioDigst vials.
    Prodibio BioDigest 6 Vials
    Out of Stock Online
  5. Pond bacteria. Prodibio
    Prodibio BacterKit Soil

If you’re looking for aquascaping products then Prodibio is definitely the brand to look at. They have a range of substrates and additives which will make your aquarium the best it can be for your plant life, and make aquascaping easier than ever.