Understanding what is happening inside your aquarium is vital to ensuring that the aquatic life remains healthy. This revolutionary water-monitoring device allows you to continuously track the changes in the water parameters, alerting you to the problems before they affect the fish. Protect your fish with a seneye monitor.

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  1. Seneye box, web server
    Seneye Web Server & WIFI Module
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  2. Senye Web server box
    Seneye SWS Web Server Non WIFI
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  3. Seneye 2 pack slides
    Seneye Slides 3 Month
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  4. Seneye Pond Monitor and box
    Seneye Pond Remote Monitor
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  5. Seneye home box
    Seneye Home Remote Aquarium Monitor
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  6. remote for Seneye reef aquarium.
    Seneye Reef Remote Aquarium Monitor
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