Our gardens have the potential to be the biggest area of wildlife habitat in the country and many of us are seeing the advantages of welcoming our wild neighbours. Simple actions can boost the habitat for a range of creatures large and small, with benefits for all concerned. Adding a wildlife pond is an easy way to open the door to a world of wonder, as well as inviting useful amphibian allies to help in the fight against slugs and snails. Not every bird or animal will use a feeder but everything drinks and on a hot day, you’ll often be surprised at what drops in.

Boosting your garden habitat goes further than a pond and adding a tree is a long-term investment in the natural world. Many trees are perfect for small spaces and by choosing a tree that provides flowers for pollinators, fruit for birds and shade for all, you can enjoy the benefits for years to come. A compact tree such as a Crab apple (Malus sp.) will be buzzing with bees in the spring and laden with bird-friendly fruits in the winter, adding colour and interest year round. Although they may be less glamorous, evergreens and conifers can add roosting and nesting sites, as well as providing year round structure to garden design.

Speak to our staff about your options and do something for nature today.

Although many animals will visit a variety of water features, a well-designed wildlife pond will attract a wide range of native creatures and enable them to thrive and reproduce, to the benefit of both garden and gardener. Frogs and toads will help control slugs and snails, dragonflies have a hearty appetite for mosquitoes and other flying-insects and garden birds will benefit from somewhere to drink and bathe. Indeed, choosing to add a water feature to your garden will open your eyes to another world. Unlike satisfying the demands of fish, wildlife ponds don’t need to be particularly deep or filtered to function. Setting up a wildlife pond can be both budget and eco-friendly and monitoring the species that colonise it adds another dimension to your enjoyment of the garden.

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