Why should my school take part in Fishkeeper Fry?

    Fishkeeper Fry is a unique, free of charge, and risk-free learning experience for children designed and developed by the fishkeeping experts at Maidenhead Aquatics to educate and inspire a new generation of passionate fishkeepers. We hope that some of these young fishkeepers might become our customers in the future, but in the shorter term, we want to ignite an interest in keeping fish and doing it well. As a company, Maidenhead Aquatics is continually looking for ways of sharing and imparting over 35 years of passion and knowledge about fishkeeping with our customers and the wider community to support the welfare of livestock and nurture a love of aquatics both in our stores and online. By teaching young fishkeepers from the safety of their classrooms how best to care and support their fish we strive hope to encourage a whole new generation of responsible fishkeepers who put the welfare of their fish as their priority. Not only that but the children who take part can expect to reap the following benefits: 1. Visual learning: children can see how their efforts in tasks carried out affect the aquarium and its inhabitants 2. Valuable lessons in being responsible and caring for animals 3. Team work: working with classmates to ensure the aquarium is looked after and tasks are carried out 4. Encourages children to look beyond their everyday life on land, use their imagination and consider the underwater world evolving in their classroom 5. Aquariums have been proven to provide a calming atmosphere for people and studies have found that there is a loss of tension when fish are present in the classroom.

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