Lesson Plan

    Fishkeeper Fry Week 1


    Don't forget to email us photos of your Fiskeeper of the Week, your class in action and some of the work the children have been doing around the lesson this week !

    Getting Started

    Welcome to the week 1 lesson plan, this week we will be focussing on

    • Introduction to Fishkeeping
    • Planting and Filling Your Aquarium
    • Introduction to Filter Bacteria
    • Introducing New Fish and Understanding Algae
    • Carrying Out Water Change and Adding More Fish
    • Potential Illnesses and Treatment
    • Cleaning Your Filter Media
    • Larger Fish and Holiday Care

    You will need

    For this week’s lesson you will need…

    • Fish tank
    • Fish food
    • Clean water source
    • Aquarium sand
    • Water filter
    • Fish

    Watch this week’s video