Fishkeeper Fry Terms and Conditions

1. Fishkeeper Fry has been designed specifically for UK school children aged 7-8 years to teach children about responsible fishkeeping and is offered, in its entirety, completely free of charge to schools selected to participate. It can be used to support National Curriculum science lessons as well as being applicable to the wider cross-curriculum primary school timetable. Schools may decide to include as an integral learning opportunity to timetabled lessons or may look to start a lunchtime/afterschool fishkeeping club. As such applications are invited from all UK state primary schools across the UK but places are limited and schools will be selected on the basis of first come first serve.

2. We would be happy to consider applications from private primary schools and home education venues on a case-by-case basis, but there will be a charge to cover the cost of the equipment for these schools of around £250 per school . Please contact us at if you are not a UK state primary school but would still like to participate.

3. We would also be happy to consider applications from state special schools for older children with learning difficulties accessing the curriculum at approximately a Year 3 level. Please email us at with details about your school and location and we will review applications on a case-by-case basis.

4. Schools who are selected to take part in the programme will be allocated a local Maidenhead Aquatics store to provide support and advice about their fish and aquarium free of charge throughout the aquarium. We will endeavour to allocate each school the store that is closest geographically to the location of the school.

5. A representative from all schools chosen to participate will be required to collect the aquarium and programme equipment from a local Maidenhead Aquatics store allocated to them as the start of the programme. A representative of the school will also need to collect the three types of fish which are included in the programme at various specified times during the 8-week programme. If you decide to return the equipment at the end of the programme, a representative will also be available to do this. You agree that somebody from your school will be available and willing to travel to and from the allocated Maidenhead Aquatics store from the outset of the programme. Maidenhead Aquatics is not responsible or liable for any travel or transport costs incurred in these journeys.

6. The core content of Fishkeeper Fry is delivered in the form of online films for which teachers will need to ensure there is weekly availability of PC, laptop, tablet or classroom smartboard along with internet access to be able to access the lessons.

7. The weekly commitment from participating schools is approximately 30-60 minutes per week to deliver the core educational content provided within the programme and daily care of the fish during the programme, but there are many extension opportunities that teachers can take advantage of to help support wider learning objectives cross-curriculum. If participating schools opt to keep their aquarium at the end of the programme, it is expected that best practice care of the fish and upkeep of the aquarium continue indefinitely.

8. In addition to the aquarium equipment we supply, you will need to make photocopies of the weekly task sheets, enough for one per child. You are therefore required to use your facilities to produce these additional materials as required at your cost. The completion certificate will be sent across as a PDF which again will be a cost for the school and not Maidenhead Aquatics.

9. Classes will need to allocate an area of approx 1 metre (please note this is note the size of the aquarium) of space and will require a suitable sturdy surface to accommodate the fish tank in a classroom which is away from direct sunlight and draft and unlikely to be damaged during the course of the school day.

10. If for any reason your school decides to drop out of the programme and not continue with the lessons to the end of the 8 weeks, Maidenhead Aquatics reserves the right to invoice your school for the full cost of the equipment and fish supplied up to the time of termination of your involvement.

11. The aquarium and all associated equipment must stay in the school for all 8 weeks of the programme. At the end of the programme, you can choose one of the 3 following options:

      • Keep the aquarium and all fish in your school at no charge
      • Return all equipment and fish to your assigned store
      • If a member of staff or a parent wishes to take the aquarium away, they can do so at a cost – please email us for further information.

12. Participation in the programme means that you agree to taking us on your learning journey with you by sharing photos of the children engaging in the tasks (subject to the signing of the relevant parental consent forms), completed task sheets and activities to include the following:

a. Appointment of a Fishkeeper of the Week – We will feature a photograph on our Fishkeeper Fry Facebook page, from a participating school each week from the submissions sent to us. The photograph selected will also feature on our website and will win a £25 Maidenhead Aquatics gift voucher for the school, valid in store or online at any Maidenhead Aquatics store and which can be used to add to your class aquarium.

b. Drawing of the WeekWe encourage you to get the children to record their learning experiences in the form of a drawing and will be selecting a Drawing of the Week each week which will be posted on our Fishkeeper Fry webpage so you can view what other schools involved are producing.

c. Aquariums of the Week- We will feature an aquarium each week from the photos we receive on our website. Please provide us with information alongside the pictures to help us choose which school will be showcased each week.

Please note for all of the above, if the images you send to us include children , it is your responsibility to ensure that the correct consent forms are supplied to us with the images.

  • At the end of the programme, a ‘School of the Year’ will be selected from all participating schools based on the quality and amount of feedback that we receive from them with respect to completed task sheets, extra tasks completed from our sample lesson plan and any additional projects that teachers have incorporated into their teaching as part of the wider cross curriculum opportunity. The winning school will receive a trophy and certificate presented by 'Tappers' (Paul Tapley who presents the series) where 'Tappers' will come into the school to talk to the children about their project and offer a final opportunity for the children and teachers to ask questions about their fish and aquarium. You agree to this visit and any associated photography to be used in future promotion of the programme (subject to relevant parental consent forms).
  • During the course of the programme, Maidenhead Aquatics reserves the right to request school visits, with prior arrangement with the school, to see first-hand how the programme is going and speak to participating teachers about what they are doing and understand ways in which we can continue to improve the programme and see how it is delivered in the classroom.