Koi Pond Specific Products

Koi are not the easiest pond species to keep with each fish having the possibility to grow to around 1m in length you require a large pond and specialist equipment to go with it.

Discover the range of products we offer suitable for current and soon to be koi keepers. These products have been picked out by expert koi enthusiasts here at Maidenhead Aquatics.

Koi Filters
The bigger the pond the bigger the filter, koi fish need a large pond live and grow into. The large volume of water needs to be matched with an equally large filter capable of filtering vast amounts of water.
Koi Pond Pumps
Fine casing on a water pump is always a requirement especially with a pond home to koi, a known species to produce a large amount of waste. Should debris from the water get into the pump it can end up damaging the internal workings.
Koi Air Pumps
A still body of water can become toxic as it allows for bacteria to grow and it limits the amount of oxygen in the water. A lack of oxygen in the pond will harm your koi and an air pump is a good easy way to stop this from happening, the bubbles produced disturb the surface allowing for oxygenation to occur. Also running this through the winter will help stop the pond surface from freezing.
Koi Treatments
It's no secret that top quality koi can cost a good amount but that makes them no less susceptible to diseases. If your koi become ill it's important you treat them as soon as possible our stores are happy to advise on specifics but this group of treatments have been picked out specifically to aid koi.
Koi Food and Automatic Feeders
Koi fish require a specific diet to ensure they grow and reach their full-colour potential. These foods have been chosen due to there high levels of protein somthing koi love to consume.

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