Laguna PowerJet Fountain/Waterfall Pump Kit

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Laguna PowerJet Fountain/Waterfall Pump Kit
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Laguna PowerJet High Performance Fountain/Waterfall Pump Kit contains everything you need to generate powerful water circulation and beautiful water display features, including a powerful PowerJet water circulating pump, riser stem and two fountain heads.

PowerJet is intelligently managed by Laguna's next generation Smart Pump Technology (SPT), a major technical advancement that further improves pump performance, energy efficiency, and user friendliness. SPT is an internal self-regulating system that tracks power consumption, hydraulics, and impeller direction to ensure powerful output and energy efficiency, so that only the required amount of power is used to operate the pump efficiently. The pump is powered by a magnetic-driven motor that is unmatched in the market for its ability to generate powerful and continuous water flow while consuming minimal electricity-the perfect combination of high pump efficiency and low energy costs.

The Laguna PowerJet water pump has been designed and created with pondkeepers in mind, this has resulted in the production of top quality and highly efficient pond pump. The hexagonal angled and ribbed pattern allows for a strong drop resistance casing whilst also allowing water to flow easily through even when debris naturally gets sucked to the outer casing. The pumps also have very few moving parts, resulting in minimal maintenance and need for spare parts. Laguna have created its pumps to not only have coloured coded parts allowing for easy maintenance but also a tool free maintenance experience.

The Max Flo, works by drawing in a large volume of water it acts as the initial stage of filtering by catching large pieces of debris before they enter the main body of the filter resulting in less maintenance.

Powered by European-engineers who quality check each product at every stage of manufacture.

PowerJet is manufactured in Italy and guaranteed for 3 years.

PowerJet Fountain/Waterfall Pump Kit includes:

PowerJet water circulating pump:

3 Tier and Waterbell fountain head
Extendable riser stem can also be adjusted horizontally
Pivoting riser stem allows surface levelling of fountainhead
Two separate flow controls, each one independently adjusts water flow to fountainhead and waterfall
Easy-to-use Click-Fit connectors for fast and easy hose connections
Pump cage can be easily attached to a fixed surface using convenient keyhole cutouts
Ergonomic pump handle for easy transportation
Large surface capacity strainer cage for maximum pump protection

2200 4000 5000 7600 9000 11000
Maximum Flow Rate 2200 LPH 4000 LPH 5000 LPH 7600 LPH 9000 LPH 11000 LPH
Maximum Head Height 1.8 m 2 m 3.3 m 3.5 m 3.7 m 4.2 m
Maximum Pond Volume 4400 L 8000 L 10000 L 15200 L 18000 L 22000 L
Wattage 32 W 55 W 65 W 75 W 80 W 105 W
Amperage 0.25 A 0.40 A 0.55 A 0.65A 0.65 A 0.9A
Voltage 230-240V/50 Hz 230-240V/50 Hz 230-240V/50 Hz 230-240V/50 Hz 230-240V/50 Hz 230-240V/50 Hz
Power Cord Length 10 m 10m 10 m 10 m 10 m 10m
Outlet Diameter ¾", 1", 1 ¼" (19, 25, 32 mm) ¾", 1", 1 ¼" (19, 25, 32 mm) ¾", 1", 1 ¼" (19, 25, 32 mm) ¾", 1", 1 ¼" (19, 25, 32 mm) ¾", 1", 1 ¼" (19, 25, 32mm) ¾", 1", 1 ¼" (19, 25, 32mm)
  • This product comes with a 5-year warranty.