Ocean Free Hydra Filtron External Canister Filter (1000/1500/1800)

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Ocean Free Hydra Filtron External Canister Filter (1000/1500/1800)
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The Hydra Filtron is the worlds first external filter which contains Cata-pre technology. Suitable for aquariums up to 800 litres and exclusive to Maidenhead Aquatics

ocean free hydra filtron 1000 1500 1800 cata-pure technology external tank filter

Ocean Free Hydra Filtron External Canister Filter (1000/1500/1800)

External filters are an excellent option for medium sized aquariums and upwards. Their large size and power means they are the most suitable option for larger aquariums, or those that are heavily stocked or house messy fish which produce a lot of waste. Excellent for aquariums housing large and/or big groups of cichlids, carnivorous fish species, oddballs, stingrays etc. They are also a great option for those who wish to invest a bit more in a filtration system in order to cut back on aquarium maintenance. A larger filter means larger surface area for beneficial bacteria which means more waste can be broken down. Being an external filter there is no large unit that sits inside the aquarium itself, just some intake and outlet pipes, this makes it easier to create a more natural aquascape and also gives your fish more room to swim! It is worth remembering the clean out your filter impellor regularly in order to keep your filter working to its full potential.

Ocean Free's new Filtron series of canister filters connect the brand's Hydra-Pure technology with a new 4-stage water purification system.

Hydra Filtron’s 4-Stage Water Purification, goes beyond the conventional 3 stage filtration (Mechanical, Biological, Chemical), with the incorporation of the revolutionary Hydro-Pure technology that uses Hydroxyl Radicals (OH) to accelerate the startup time from the usual 4-5 weeks to within 1 week, reduce water odour, and retain a crystal clear tank.

It is the first canister filter in the world to incorporate Hydro-Pure Technology (cata-pure) into its design.

Technical Specification

Model Aquarium Size Pump Power Max Water Column Height Wattage

Dimensions (LxWxH)

1000 80 - 300 Litres 600 LPH 1.4m 13w 24 x 24 x 36 cm
1500 150 - 600 Litres 900 LPH 2.0m 23w 27 x 27 x 40 cm
1800 200 - 800 Litres 1100 LPH 2.4m 32w 30 x 30 x 44 cm

4-Stage Water Purification

Step 1 - 3DM Nuggets

  • Breaks down large solids and traps suspended particles
  • Provides a high surface area for beneficial bacteria which helps break-down toxic waste (e.g. Ammonia and Nitrites) biologically

Step 2 - BioTrap Sponge

  • Breaks down finer solids and traps suspended particles
  • Provides a surface area for beneficial bacteria for further biological purification of toxic waste

Step 3 - 3DM Beads, Fine Filter Wool and Carbon Pad

  • Provides a higher surface area for beneficial bacteria which help break-down toxic waste biologically
  • Removes fine particles
  • Adsorbs dissolved organic compound and heavy metals to maximize the efficiency of the Hydro-pure Technology

Step 4 - Hydro-Pure Technology (Cata-Pure)

The Hydra Filtron Filter is no normal external filter. Using Hydro-Pure technology that is capable of enhancing the natural filtration processes in aquariums by as much as 50% when compared to conventional systems. With the help of the Cata-Pure Cartridge, the traditional nitrogen cycle is sped up as several stages are bypassed and unnecessary.

Hydro-Pure Technology is a patented water detoxifying and depurating technology for applications in both Marine and freshwater Aquatic Hobby. It consists of two electro-plates to energize a cartridge box containing special Cata-pure Catalyst Media to generate strong reactive Hydroxyl radicals (•OH), which is the key to the detoxifying and depurating reactions process.

Hydro-Pure Technology is suitable for marine and freshwater fish tanks of all sizes, all types of fishes, plants and live corals including all levels of stocking density. It also helps in the prevention of New Tank Syndrome especially in Marine tanks application, perfect for any applications that require pristine water condition of a safe and stable level of Ammonia, nitrites and nitrates acceptable for an aquatic life form.

Product Highlights
  • One pull priming
  • Valve for easy maintenance
  • Surface skimmer
  • Suitable for aquariums up to 800 litres
  • Cata-pure technology
  • 2-year warranty

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