Ocean Free Hydra Filtration

1. What is Hydro-Pure Technology?

Hydro-Pure Technology is a patented water detoxifying and depurating technology for applications in both Marine and freshwater Aquatic Hobby. It consists of two electro-plates to energize a cartridge box containing special Cata-pure Catalyst Media to generate strong reactive Hydroxyl radicals (•OH), which is the key to the detoxifying and depurating reactions process.

2. How does Hydro-Pure Technology works?

We provided the below diagram to help you understand the technology better. Phase 1 is where your aquarium water enters the Hydro-Pure Technology chamber, Phase 2 is where the reaction takes place and Phase 3 is the end result.

Hydro-Pure Technology 3 Phases

3. How does Hydro-Pure Technology benefit my fish-keeping experience?

  • Detoxifies harmful wastes like Ammonia (NH3) and Nitrite (NO2–) to help hobbyists maintain purer water and a healthier aquarium
  • Breaks down Protein and nutrients
  • Helps reduce aquarium startup time (Nitrogen Cycle) and prevent New Tank Syndrome
  • Minimize frequency of water change thus saving time and greater savings on your utility bills
  • Minimize unpleasant smell from aquarium water
  • Improves water clarity
  • For Marine and Freshwater aquarium applications

Hydro-Pure Technology is suitable for marine and freshwater fish tanks of all sizes, all types of fishes, plants and live corals including all levels of stocking density. It also helps in the prevention of New Tank Syndrome especially in Marine tanks application, perfect for any applications that requires pristine water condition of safe and stable level of Ammonia, nitrites and nitrates acceptable for aquatic life form.

Hydro-Pure Technology was first introduced in May 2011 and is now used by aquarium hobbyists all around the world.