Pond Plant Pack - Filter Feeding (Pack of 5 Plug Plants)


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Pond Plant Pack - Filter Feeding (Pack of 5 Plug Plants)
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  • This pack will contain 5 different cold-water pond plant
  • Collection has been put together by the leading grower of cold-water pond plants in the UK
  • Please note that these are plug plants which will require potting into suitable conditions as soon and they arrive.

This collection has been put together by the leading grower of cold-water pond plants in the UK. Used extensively throughout the world in sewage treatment plants and where sanitising chemicals cannot be used. This collection of plants offers the natural and environmentally friendly way to clean water. These plants feed heavily on excess nutrients within the pond thus eliminating and competing against algae. We guarantee you will not find better quality anywhere else.

Some plants may be cut back for packaging purposes, do not worry this process will encourage fresh new growth once plant has been potted.

This pack will contain any 5 different cold-water pond plants from the selection below:

*plants included vary depending on seasonal availability, duplicates may be sent if selection is limited

Caltha palustris - Wonderful yellow buttercup-like flowers over compact mounds of green round leaves. The marsh marigold flowers throughout spring and sometimes flowers a second time in mid-summer. The yellow flowers are particularly attractive to bees, butterflies and hoverflies.

Carex acutiformis - A tall, graceful indigenous sedge with bright green leaves and brown flower spikes, forms clumps providing good habitat for wildlife. Height to 150 cm.

Iris pseudacorus - A favourite British water iris, hardy and robust. Yellow flowers are produced in abundance in summer. The roots form fibrous mats underwater, making this an excellent water filtration plant. They are also used by spawning fish as a safe place to lay their eggs. Tall, green iris foliage provides a pretty backdrop in the pond and is used by emerging dragonflies. Grow in full or part sun. Plant in zone 2 or 3. Will also grow in moist soil by the pond. Height 60 to 90 cm. Can be grown into strong marginal clumps which provide good cover for wildfowl. Flowers are attractive to bees and other insects.

Juncus effusus - A hardy, resilient evergreen rush that forms clumps which are attractive to pond life. Erect, dark green stems with brown seed head. British native plant, height 60 to 80 cm. Resistant to waterfowl. Plant in sun or semi-shade.

Juncus inflexus - Glaucous blue, needle like foliage grows into tall clumps up to 60cm in height.  A hardy rush with slender, furrowed stems of glaucous foliage. Provides good habitat for emerging dragonflies and other pondlife.

Nasturtium aquaticum – A delightful British native water plant, watercress has bright green leaves and white flowers. This pretty rafting plant with hollow stems creates a floating mat on the pond, giving cover for fish and good habitat for many kinds of pond creatures. Plant in full or part sun. Height to 15 to 30 cm. Plant in zone 2. Good for waterfalls and filters. An excellent plant for water filtration, watercress absorbs toxins improving water quality in the pond. Leaves are rich in minerals and vitamins. Easily cut back. Propagate by division in spring.

Phalaris arundinacea - Tall clump forming grass can be planted in borders next to a pool or in the pond margins up to 20 cm deep. Tall emergent plants provide habitat for pond life such as emerging dragonflies. A tough resiliant grass that can be grown into clumps to provide nesting cover for waterfowl.

Ranunculus flammula - The Dwarf spearwort grows to 20-30 cm in height, a hardy British native water plant. It produces masses of pretty yellow flowers throughout the summer. Allow it to grow into clumps for best effect, and to provide habitat for pond insects. Plant in a medium or large container using aquatic soil covered with pea gravel and place on the marginal shelf.

Scirpus lacustris –The true bulrush is extremely vigorous, a British native pond plant. Bold cylindrical dark green stems arise from a creeping rootstock. A good filtration plant, it is robust and resistant to waterfowl, making good nesting cover if allowed to grow into large clumps. Formerly used for thatching and furniture making. Height to 160 cm.

Typha angustifolia - This smaller type of reedmace has brown poker seed heads. A British native plant; fibrous roots are good for water filtration. Often wrongly referred to as ‘Bullrush’. Height to 120 cm. Often wrongly named lesser bullrush


Please note that these are plug plants which will require potting into suitable conditions as soon and they arrive.

For this we recommend our Pond Planting Packs, which include baskets, soil, gravel and fertiliser. Available in 3 or 5 packs here or as an additional purchase above. 

Care instructions

When your pack arrives unwrap carefully and make sure all plants are damp before potting.


Planting instructions

Take a suitable fine-mesh basket, half-fill with aquatic soil. Place plant in centre of basket. Be careful not to damage the roots of the plant when placing. Fill remainder of basket with soil. Lightly firm soil around crown of the plant to within 2.5cm of top of the basket. Gently apply a layer of washed horticultural gravel. Submerge the re-potted plant in the pond to allow absorption of water and discourage any seepage.

We encourage you to initially place the basket at a shallower depth to allow the plant to acclimatise. Then lower to the required depth.

Basket size

Number of plants

Aquatic soil required

11cm Square



17cm Round



17cm Square



Contour Baskets




After Care

Trim decaying foliage every autumn/early spring 5cm above the crown of the plant and compost accordingly. Do not dispose of plants in the wild.

Re-plant every 1-2 years in a larger basket

Please note that these species are suitable for ornamental or wildlife pond use and are non-invasive. Excess growth of any species used in a garden setting should be disposed of responsibly and never introduced to wild habitats.

The condition of your plant may vary by order date and from what you see in your local store. We aim to give you the largest and most luscious plant possible but this is dependant on the time of year and seasonal variation.

Plant Variety

Common Name

Planting depth (water above top of pot)

Plant height

Flower Colour

Flowering period

Caltha palustris

Marsh marigold





Carex acutiformis

Lesser pond sedge





Iris pseudacorus

Yellow water iris





Juncus effusus

soft rush





Juncus inflexus

Hard rush





Nasturtium aquaticum






Phalaris arundinacea

Reed Canary Grass





Ranunculus flammula

lesser spearwort





Scirpus lacustris






Typha angustifolia

Small reed mace





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