A water feature is a great way to add movement to your garden or patio area. We sell a range of self contained water features which can be placed anywhere in your garden or on a patio, as well as a range of pond side spitters which can be added to your current pond to create a more exciting feature or way of returning water back to your pond.

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  1. Polyresin Oase fish pond feature
    Oase Water Spouts - Fish
  2. Pontec PondoLily
    Pontec PondoLily
    From £3.99
  3. Polyresin Oase pond feature turtle
    Oase Water Spouts - Turtle
    Out of Stock Online
  4. SuperFish Pond Fogger
    SuperFish Pond Fogger
  5. SuperFish Deco Filter - Frog
    SuperFish Deco Filter - Frog
    Out of Stock Online
  6. Bermuda Ribble Watercourse
    Bermuda Ribble Watercourse
    Out of Stock Online
  7. Bermuda Wyre Watercourse
    Bermuda Wyre Watercourse
    Out of Stock Online
  8. SuperFish Deco Filter - Amphora
    SuperFish Deco Filter - Amphora
    Out of Stock Online
  9. Oase Plastic decoy heron
    Oase Decoy Heron
    Out of Stock Online
  10. Poly-resin sprouting pond feature frog
    Oase Water Spouts - Frog
  11. Polyresin Oase pond feature duck
    Oase Water Spouts - Duck
  12. SuperFish Deco Filter - Carp
    SuperFish Deco Filter - Carp
  13. Bermuda Eden Watercourse
    Bermuda Eden Watercourse
    Out of Stock Online