Xl Askoll Led Fresh
Xl Askoll Led Fresh

Askoll A LED Freshwater Lamp

£29.99 £149.99A saving of £120.00

LED based lighting system for freshwater aquariums.

Clearance Product - Last minute bargain or discontinued product line. Please note that whilst this clearance product may also be available in some of our stores, this product cannot be specifically ordered or price-matched in stores where it is out of stock.

    The appliance is designed for being installed on an existing neon tube lighting system. the appliance assembly method is designed to reduce the installation times. The electrical connections are based on connectors for optimizing installation and necessary technical interventions. The appliance is made up of:

    • LED bar body compatible with T5
    • 2x T8 reducers,
    • Power Supply
    • On/Off switch,
    • Tank edge support,
    • Assembled system.
    Energy efficiencyBBB
    Luminous flux1100 lm1500 lm2320 lm
    Colour temperature6400K6400K6400K
    Colour rendering index (CRI)>80>80>80

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