TMC Reef Photon LED Lighting Pods (2 x 84 W)


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TMC Reef Photon LED Lighting Pods (2 x 84 W)
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This ultra-compact LED reef light, can be used universally on all marine aquariums. TMC has managed to create a compact light whilst not compromising on the output as this LED is extremely powerful offering fantastic coverage and depth making it perfect for any marine aquarium. With a simple assembly process and easy to use digital controller, it makes this light perfect for both beginners and experienced fishkeepers.

Key Features:

Light Coverage
This ultra-compact marine aquarium light offers the user a fantastic light coverage of approximately 50cm x 50cm x 50cm per light unit. This range makes the fish tank light usable on a wide range of aquariums and will provide much need light to your corals where ever they are positioned in the tank.

Easy to assemble
TMC has made the assembly of this light as easy to construct as possible. With a universal arm which will clamp onto almost all aquariums and simple screw in fixings assembling this light couldn't be easier. TMC has also provided a solution for the cable with a simple grove in the arm and stoppers the LED cable won't be dangerously hanging over the aquarium. Includes adjustable height/reach brackets.

Full Control
The digital controller allows the user to individually programme 6 light channels creating the perfect marine spectrum and natural reef feel. The controller also has preset weathers including lighting and clouds to make your fish feel more at home. The controller also allows you to operate several different lights from one unit.

Technical Specification:

Reef Photon Single
Coverage 50x50cm
Power 84 W
Total Lumens 3283
Dimensions (LxWxH) 11 x 11 x 5 cm
  • Suitable for all marine aquariums especially reef/coral systems
  • Full Spectrum
  • 6 Individually Programmable channels
  • Pre-set by Reef Geo-Location
  • Pre-set colour by water depth
  • Aspherical Optics offering ultimate colour blending and even spread
  • Multiple lights easily paired
  • Utilises Ultra new BLE connection technology
  • Also available as a single unit
  • 2 Year warranty