Each month we showcase an aquarium from one of our 160 stores across the UK to excite and inspire you with your own aquarium designs. This month, we have chosen this beautiful aquarium from our Peterborough Dobbies.

Aquarium Maintenance

Our Tank of the month is from Aqua Oak and is our 180cm Doors and Drawers. It is powered by a Fluval FX4 filter, an Aqua LCD 500w heater and 2 Fluval Plant pro 3.0 LED's both running on an 8-10 hour timer.

The aquarium receives 25% water changes weekly with re-mineralised RO water and the filter is cleaned and maintained on a fortnightly basis. It’s dosed weekly with Colombo flora grow and has a Colombo Profi C02 canister as well as 3 bags of Colombo Flora Base Pro.

The Décor consists of 4 pieces of Mopani hard wood, a few varieties of Cryptocoryne, Anubius, Microsorum pteropus and Vallisneria and fish housed include many species of Rainbowfish including Red, Blue, Boesmans and Western. Siamese flying fox, Petricola synodontis, Yoyo loach,  and Bleeding heart tetra.

Since last year the tank has gone through some big changes so why not pop in to store to see what we’ve been up to.