The team at Maidenhead Aquatics recently visited the UK's only dedicated trade show for the aquatics industry (Aqua 2019 in Telford), where many of our core manufacturers and distributors were exhibiting, to check out the latest new product launches and innovations in the industry.

Take a look at the short film we shot at the event to see some of the highlights of this year's show.

Here are some of our favourite products from the show to look out for in our stores and on the website in the near future.

Evolution Aqua – New Metal Frame Cabinets

The ever-popular and stylish aquariums from Evolution Aqua are having a brand-new cabinet design. There are no changes to the super stylish look from the outside, but inside the aquarium is supported by a steel frame, meaning that you can change the colour and finish or your cabinet at any time. Go from concrete, to black and then to white without ever having to completely drain the aquarium. What’s more, they are even stronger than they used to be!

Evolution Aqua New Metal Frame Cabinets

Blagdon Interpet – New Pond Pressure Filter

A brand new idea to the pond market sees Blagdon introduce a new range of pond filters which come with a tablet form of media which releases into the water being filtered and removes sludge, blanketweed and green water. Replaced monthly, there is no need to be cleaning and changing sponges even in the warmest of weather. Also included is a UVC to make sure the water stays sparkling clear and bio media for the biological support of the pond. Make sure you check these out in the new year when they will be in our stores nationwide.

Blagdon Interpet New Pond Pressure Filter

Oase – Styleline

Oase took over the high-end aquarium market a few years ago with the launch of their elegant, straight-lined Hi-Line aquariums, a highly desired item amongst fishkeepers. Following their popularity, Oase have introduced a new range called the Styleline. They come complete with a heater, internal filter lighting a flat-pack standard. Still with the beautiful design, a fully metal lid and clean straight lines. This aquarium will soon become a favourite amongst fishkeepers.

Oase – Proficlear Premium XL

If you have a massive koi pond, then this is definitely the filter for you. This beast of a pond filter will keep your water crystal clear and your water chemistry in tip-top shape. Suitable for ponds up to 100,000 litres, you can have 1 or 2 moving bed modules which are filled with a brand new moving media which has a hard outside to prevent beneficial bacteria from becoming dislodged.

Oase Proficlear Premium XL

Aqua One ReefSys

The new Reefsys aquarium from Aqua One comes in 5 colours and will be on the market in the coming months. Complete with a stylish cabinet and sump and available in 4 sizes these aquariums are a real step up for marine aquariums from Aqua One. Benefits include a flexible weir, luxury finishes to the cabinets and adjustable return flows. What’s more, the cabinets are made right here in the UK (Southampton).

AquaOne reefsys