Fishkeeper Fry 2023 has officially started! Running now for the 6th year, Fishkeeper Fry is a completely free-of-charge educational programme designed specifically for primary school children aged 7-8 years. It’s video-led to make it fun and engaging for pupils as well as teaching them about the science and art of keeping fish.


Most schools have completed the first two weeks of Fishkeeper Fry. In week 1, pupils learnt how to set up their new aquarium as well as important information about where to safely place the tank and why you shouldn’t tap on the glass. During week 2, pupils planted some aquarium plants in their tanks. They also learnt how to test the water to make sure it’s safe for the fish.


Each week, teachers choose their ‘Fishkeeper of the Week’. This goes to the pupil or pupils who had the best involvement with the programme that week. Some teachers have awarded for extra pieces of work pupils have done at home, some have been awarded for pupils’ abilities to listen and answer questions and some have been awarded for the work they did looking after the aquarium.


Take a look at some of the photos we have received from schools taking part:

Birchwood Primary School ‘Fishkeeper of the Week’ for week 1

Brooke School have created workbooks for the programme.

Culbokie Primary School ready to add their ornaments to the tank.

Fairhaven Primary School ‘Fishkeeper of the Week’ and our overall ‘Fishkeeper of the Week’ for week 1

Gloverspiece School tank, ready to add water

Harrietsham C of E Primary School pupil with her completed worksheets

Hawkesley Church Primary School ‘Hawkesley Haven’ aquarium

Moorland Primary School artwork

Norristhorpe Junior and Infant School class watching the video

Our Lady Queen of Heaven Catholic Primary School pupils

St Patrick’s Primary School pupils watching the video

St Teresa’s Catholic Academy Fishkeeper of the week artwork

Tinto Primary School ‘Fishkeeper of the Week’

Wallisdean Junior School workbook

Wildridings CP school fish display

Zaytouna Primary School pupil adding water to the tank

Loirston School pupils with their work

Holden Clough Community School pupil adding plants to the aquarium

Woodlands Academy pupil testing the water