Schools taking part in Fishkeeper Fry are now over halfway through the programme. It’s been great to see how schools have been getting on and how excited pupils have been to add their fish.


Week 3 of Fishkeeper Fry saw pupils adding their first fish; 6 Danios. The video led by Tappers, taught pupils how to safely add the fish to their tank and how to feed them. In weeks 4 and 5, pupils added Platies and Nerite snails. Classes also learnt how to clean the filter and how to prepare the tank for their week off over half term.


Each week, we supply schools with worksheets to complete. We’ve been amazed by the work produced. Week 5 challenged pupils to design their dream aquarium and the results are fantastic. We’ve seen posters, boxes turned into aquariums and even one built with Lego. Along with the completing the worksheets, schools have been adding their own activities. We’ve seen science experiments, collages, stories, and fact files.


Some schools have paid a visit to our stores to see all the fish we have on offer. Our staff are happy to show pupils around and answer any questions they have. As well as this, it gives the pupils a chance to select their new fish.


Teachers have continued to award their ‘Fishkeeper of the Week’. Pupils have received this award for their ability to answer questions, for the work they’ve produced, for helping with the tank, and for teaching others about keeping fish. As we head towards the end of the programme, we are starting to look out for who will be our ‘School of the Year’! This awarded to the school that we feel has engaged with the programme the most. They receive a trophy and a visit from Tappers.


Take a look at some of the photos from the last few weeks:

Woodchurch Primary School

Wildridings CP School

Heaton St Barnabus

Hillside Primary

Heath Primary School

Carr’s Glen PS

Florence Melley

Harrietsham C of E Primary School

Ellington Infant School

St Patrick’s Primary School

Pinkwell Primary School