Fishkeeper Fry week 4 is over for most of our schools. It’s been an exciting week with the addition of more fish.

Figure 1: Aspire School pupils paid a visit to their local store

Due to schools having their half terms, the important subject of caring for your aquarium and fish whilst away has been covered in week 4.

Figure 2: Banchory Primary School fishkeepers

Tappers covered how to clean your filter using water from the tank making sure you keep the friendly bacteria. Tappers also covered adding some more Bio Boost to the tank to help aid the friendly bacteria. 

Figure 3: Lanesend Primary School pupils cleaning the filter

During week 4, schools were able to add four red wagtail platies to their aquariums. Once again, Tappers tasked pupils with coming up with names for their new aquatic pets. Some of the names given to fish were Rusty, Brushy, Volcano, Red Joe and Mex.


Figure 4: Eastbrook Primary academy Ollie and Olivia - Fishkeepers of the week

Week 4 also covers what to do whilst schools are away for half term, especially if no one will be coming in to check on the fish. Tappers talks pupils through the use of holiday food and making sure not to overfeed them.


Figure 5: King Edwin Primary School pupils visiting their local store

We have had quite a few schools visiting their local Maidenhead Aquatics store over the last few weeks. Our staff members are always happy to show pupils around and answer any questions they may have.


Figure 6:Thornton Primary School pupils visited their local store

The resource sheets we sent to schools this week included a colouring-in of Red Wagtail Platies with a question sheet. We also asked pupils to use their favourite book as inspiration to write a story set underwater.


Figure 7: St Margaret’s CE Primary School pupils around their tank

Even though COVID has caused disruption, schools are doing a great job delivering the programme. Some schools are a few weeks behind in the programme but we are happy to help them until they have completed their 8 weeks.


Figure 8: Brookburn Primary School pupils looking at their new fish

We always enjoy hearing and seeing who has been awarded ‘Fishkeeper of the Week’. This can be a tricky task for teachers when lots of pupils have contributed great work and done the best they can.


Figure 9: The Sheiling School Ringwood Fishkeeper of the week -- Amy

As usual, we are on the lookout for which school is going to win ‘School of the Year’ 2022. Schools are competing for medals and a trophy and they may even get a special visit from Tappers. It’s going to be a tough task choosing one school to award School of the year to.  


Figure 10: St Mary's Catholic Primary School Fishkeeper of the week – Polly

Make sure to come back next week to find out what schools have been up to and which species of fish they have added to their aquariums.

Figure 11: Oakridge Primary School Fishkeeper of the week - Ali