We are over halfway through the programme now with week 5 being completed by most schools last week. Schools are continuing to send their excellent work to us and show off their Fishkeepers of the Week.

Figure 1: Bratton Primary School pupil adding their new fish to the tank

Our young fishkeepers have been excitedly adding their new Harlequin Rasboras to their aquariums this week. Six Harlequin Rasboras were added to their growing tanks.

Figure 2: Handmade tank by a pupil at Eversholt Lower School

Pupils undertook the important task of naming their new Harlequin Rasboras. A few of our favourites include Chippy, Seaweed, Biff, Gerald, Fred, and Kate.


Figure 3: Lanesend Primary school pupils learning how to use the gravel cleaner

Tappers has been teaching pupils how to carry out a water change and how to clean the gravel in their aquariums. He went through why it’s important to change the water in an aquarium even though the water may look clear.

Figure 4: St Paul's Catholic Primary School pupils with their new fish

Schools learnt about the different types of water in previous weeks including Reverse   (RO)  water. Pupils were supplied with RO water from their store to add to their aquariums. Some schools chose to use tap water treated with the conditioner to refill their tanks.

Figure 5: St Peter's Catholic Primary School pupil Ophelia testing the water in the aquarium

Tappers explained to pupils about why fish swim at different levels in the aquarium. Some schools have observed these goings on in their tank and wondered why fish interact in different ways with the different species and why they stick to different parts of the tank.

Figure 6:The Round House Academy pupils cleaning the filter

Schools have been doing a great job remembering to test the water every week. A few schools, unfortunately, had to delay a week due to the levels not being quite right. Pupils found it hard having to wait an extra week before they could meet their new fish but they understood the importance of waiting.

Figure 7: Thornton Primary School held a 'design your own aquarium' competition and these are the winners

The all-important task of awarding Fishkeeper of the Week was also carried out by teachers. Some of the ways in which pupils earned the title were by being the most helpful member of the class, completing some amazing artwork, creating fact books and doing their best to keep their fish safe.

Figure 8: Westende Junior School pupil May is Fishkeeper of the Week

We are always looking out for who might be awarded School of the Year for 2022. This year, thanks to our sponsor Hagen, the winning school will be receiving a brand new Aquarium for free.

Figure 9: Wormholt Primary School pupils Amin and Abed are Fishkeepers of the Week

Once Fishkeeper Fry 2022 is over, schools are given the option to keep their fish tank and livestock for free. Fish tanks are proven to reduce stress and create a calming atmosphere in the classroom which is why we encourage schools to keep their aquariums.

Figure 10: The Sheiling School Ringwood pupils visiting the store

Keep a lookout for next week’s article and which fish schools will be adding to their aquarium.