We have now completed week 6 of Fishkeeper Fry 2022. Schools are working hard to look after their aquariums and the fish.

Figure 1: Brookburn Primary School pupils adding their new fish to the tank

During week 6, pupils added two Bronze cory’s to their fish tanks. Last week, pupils learnt about how different fish live in different parts of an aquarium and the new Bronze Cory’s helped show this as they are bottom dwellers.

Figure 2: Cheapside Primary School Fishkeepers of the Week

As usual, the all-important task of naming the new fish was undertaken by schools. Bratton Primary School came up with the names Mr Vacuum and Steve for their catfish.

Figure 3: Fordbridge Primary School Fishkeeper of the Week

This week Tappers has been teaching schools about algae and why it grows. He also covered the different types of algae. Tappers taught pupils about how fish breathe using their gills.

Figure 4: Harefield Junior School pupil doing a water change

As part of our programme, we send out worksheets every week for schools to use in their learning. The week 6 worksheets included a colour and label the Cory to help pupils understand the different parts of their fish. The other worksheet asked pupils to draw a diagram showing the process of photosynthesis.

Figure 5: Thrussington Primary School Fishkeepers of the Week.

Fishkeeper of the Week is always awarded every week. This week, pupils have earned the title by doing their best cleaning the tank, changing the water and showing their knowledge.

Figure 6: Bratton Primary School pupil Jessica adding fish to the tank

Unfortunately, Covid is still causing trouble and quite a few of our schools have had to delay a week or two of the programme. However, our stores are happy to help the schools until they finish the programme whether that’s as planned or a few weeks later than everyone else.


Figure 7: Oakridge School pupils cleaning the tank

Don’t forget all schools are in the running for School of the Year and could win a new 168-litre tank for their school and a visit from Tappers.

Figure 8: Westende Junior School Fishkeepers of the Week

We are pleased to report that lots of our schools have opted to keep their aquarium in school after the programme. Schools are choosing to take on the responsibility of maintaining the tank because the children have ‘loved looking after the fish and having the tank in the classroom’.

Figure 9: The Sheiling School Ringwood pupil with their fish tank

There are only two weeks left of Fishkeeper Fry 2022 so make sure you look out for the penultimate article next week and look out for which fish schools add to their tanks.