So, you're thinking about setting up an aquarium?

There's plenty of reasons to recommend fishes as a pet and many ways to achieve success. Whether your taste is to duplicate a slice of nature in your home or provide an easy pet for children, planning ahead can make the difference between a lifetime hobby or an expensive mistake.

Fortunately, keeping an aquarium has never been easier and the most common pitfalls are well known. With caution and the right guidance, they can be readily avoided. The following points are worthy of consideration before you get started:

  1. Go large - both your fishes and your enthusiasm will more than likely grow. Your aquarium will remain the same size and can limit your options.
  2. Take your time - the first weeks of a new aquarium can be frustrating, as a period of maturation is needed before your new tank can safely house fish. After this, stocking needs to proceed slowly and rushing can lead to problems.
  3. Find a reliable source of advice - it's tempting to turn to the Internet for guidance but exercise caution and know that much of what you read will be opinion rather than experience. Our stores offer accountability and the chance to develop a relationship with people who spend all day talking about and taking care of fish.
  4. Further to the above, if choosing between conflicting advice there's a good chance that the version you don't like may well be the truth!
  5. Do your homework - take the time it takes your system to mature to browse for fish that take your fancy. Ask questions about compatibility, maximum sizes and care requirements.

Your dream aquatic set up may be easier than you think, why not pop into your local Maidenhead Aquatics store(we have 150 nationwide) to discuss setting up your tank with one of our friendly and helpful staff?

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