Welcome to the first ‘fishue’ of our new feature, “Fresh Off The Net”, where we will be looking at new and exciting products to be hitting our hobby over the coming months.

As you probably know, being run and owned by fishkeepers, Maidenhead Aquatics has become synonymous with leading the way in responsible fishkeeping procedures and innovation. Many of our products have been personally selected and tested by the majority of the business owners, ensuring we know they do exactly what they’re supposed do! This is also true of the many exclusive products to Maidenhead Aquatics. We are extremely proud to have been able to source and create many exclusive brands based on the knowledge and experience of those involved. That said, we’re always keen to hear from you, our most valued customers, on what you want to see in our stores going forward, or how we can improve any of our current products within our stores….

So, what’s new to hit our shelves over the coming weeks and months you may ask? Following on from the Aqua 2019, the bi-annual trade-only exhibition for the UK aquatic industry (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FvrMt--SuVA) we were a little underwhelmed by the lack of new and innovative products being showcased. However, with the Interzoo, the largest pet exhibition in Europe being held in May 2020, we believe that many may have decided to launch their ranges then? Just a hunch, but rumours seem to indicate that is the case- only time will tell and rest assured Maidenhead Aquatics will be one of the first to let you know….

Aqua 2019 logo

Those products that did stand out at Telford were the new Red Sea Reef Wave gyre pump, Oase Styleline aquariums, Octo marine products, and the new app-controlled circulation pump, TMC Reef Pump Connect, of which Maidenhead Aquatics has secured 2 exclusive sizes; 3500 and 7000, with a respective maximum flow rate of 3500 and 7000 litres per hour. From the outdoor perspective, the new contemporary range of water features from Rockways, and a new twist on the pressurised pond filter in the Clean Pond Machine from Blagdon both caught our attention.

With respect to new and exciting products that are exclusive to Maidenhead Aquatics, we have some absolute crackers (no Christmas pun intended!). The Fluval Roma range has always been a popular choice with many of our customers, so when we had the opportunity to take on a white model all to ourselves, we couldn’t say no! The White Roma 125 has the same contemporary design and clean, simple lines and comes complete with Bluetooth energy-efficient LED lighting, internal filter and heater. For further details please click here (https://bit.ly/2KKgdaV) or visit one of stores.

The extremely successful Aqua Marin Pro aquarium range is about to have the largest model added. The Pro 1500 measure an impressive 150cm and features a larger fully enclosed sump, pipework, space-saving weir and filter socks as standard. As per all the other models in the range, the 1500 cabinet is available in matt black, matt white, Mekong and hickory. Available from this December, and all this for only £1499.99! (https://www.fishkeeper.co.uk/aqua-marin-1500-pro-marine-aquarium)

Two other currently exclusive aquariums also come from Fluval. The first being a twist to the popular Flex 123 aquarium, which has been updated to a marine aquarium by upgrading the LED lights- these being suitable for a good range of corals and light-demanding invertebrates. The second is to our exclusive Fluval Spec 60 aquarium. Once again, the LED lighting has been specifically upgraded to the Fluval AquaSky Marine resulting in an impressive starter marine aquarium.

Following the successful launch of the new and improved AquaCare food range, where the major difference is that the primary ingredient has been replaced with mealworms, as opposed to the more commonly used fish meal. This not only makes producing the food more sustainable and environmentally friendly but a much more suited and natural diet for any freshwater fish. Additional new products coming in the range are two master liquid test kits and an Aiptasia treatment, this being a contact solution without the risk of adversely affecting other corals or the water quality of the aquarium.

With Christmas just around the corner, we have a huge choice of gifts suitable for any fishkeeper. Without listing them all, ones to definitely highlight are our new range of clothing and apparel (https://www.fishkeeper.co.uk/clothing). Newest items added to this range include ‘two flavours’ of extremely apt socks.

Clownfish Christmas socks by the fire

Likewise, two colours of our really useful aquarium towel will be of some relief to many ‘other halves’ in stopping the fishkeeper in your household from using the tea towel or your very best cloths whilst carrying out any maintenance on their aquariums- so no excuses now folks!

Clownfish Aquarium Towels

We have also revamped our hugely popular Fish Transportation Bag, meaning you can once again safely take your fish home, knowing it will be kept warm and in darkness to reduce any unnecessary stress to both you or your new purchase, and the same time helping the environment by reducing the need for carrier bags. And when not in use to transport fish, many of these have been spotted at a plethora of supermarkets, picnic venues and festivals making it a truly unique multi-use bag!

And finally last, but by no means by least, the Maidenhead Aquatics range of Gift Cards (https://www.fishkeeper.co.uk/gift-cards) has to be the number one gift for any fishkeeper in your life! While it's always tempting to buy your loved one a beautiful fish, stunning coral, unusual plant or new piece of equipment as a Christmas gift, this isn't always a good idea. Questions about compatibility, suitability and whether or not the recipient's aquarium is ready for any new additions all combine to make this a tricky proposition when bought as a surprise gift. Thankfully a Maidenhead Aquatics Gift Card makes things so easy, being accepted throughout all of our stores for any type of purchase!

 Maidenhead Aquatics Christmas Gift card

So, and until next time, Merry Fishmas one and all!