It may be autumn, but there’s still plenty of time to add pond fish from our outdoor systems. Natives of more northerly climates such as Orfe (Leuciscus idus) are very comfortable in temperatures where Koi and Goldfish are starting to slow down. As the weather has remained mild so far, pond temperatures are still welcoming but exercise caution as water starts to cool below the 10c mark, where the immune systems of carp start to become less effective.

We’re very closely linked to Clownfish (Amphiprion ocellaris) and this beautiful adult pair at our Bold Heath store have come to us having been much-loved pets. In common with many long-lived aquatic pets, some captive-bred clowns are finding themselves in need of homes as fishkeepers are faced with hard decisions. A number of our marine stores will be hosting potential rehomes and these fishes make an excellent choice for anyone considering taking the plunge into marine keeping. They’re well-bonded, hardy and keen to teach a new keeper everything they know about life in a home reef.

Some species are blessed with personalities which transcend bright colours or rarity. Weather loaches (Misgurnis anguillicaudatus) are some of the most interactive fish you’re likely to meet and are into everything once they settle in and learn where the food comes from. Happy at a wide range of temperatures, they don’t need heating and are robust enough to live alongside goldfish in large aquaria. This batch at our Pontarddulais store were combing the sand for anything remotely edible.

Probably the ultimate community fish, Corydoras catfish (or Corys for short) come in an amazing range of patterns, shapes and sizes. Although you’ll find members of their family in every store, some are more rare than others and you’ll often find these more unusual species in branches where our staff have a fondness for them. These Corydoras sipaliwini are one of a wide range of tempting species you’ll find at our Carlisle Dobbies store but the season for these fishes is definitely upon us and you’ll find a wide selection of catfish lurking in many of our systems across the group.

Red jewel cichlids have been popular but savage aquarium pets for years and have graced the home aquaria of such celebrities as Sir David Attenborough. Until recently, that stunning red colour comes at a high price – usually a thorough beating for any tankmates as these prolific fishes raise a family. Recently we’ve seen a new species appearing in our stores, the smallest member of the genus and even native to hard, alkaline water. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you the Turkana jewel cichlid (Hemichromis exsul)! Turkanas are considerably less aggressive than their larger relatives and their smaller size makes it easier to give them enough room to defend a spawning territory without pinning other fish up against the glass.