Tank of the Month - August 2019

Each month we showcase an aquarium from one of our 160 stores across the UK to excite and inspire you with your own aquarium designs. This month, we have chosen this beautiful aquarium from our Blackpool Store.

Aquarium Maintenance

This display Evolution Aqua 900 Fresh Aquarium is lit on an 8-hour daily cycle, using 1 Colour Plus Evolution Aqua LED Light, and 3 Natural Sun Evolution Aqua LED lights.

An Aqua LCD heater Pro 300W is used on this tank. 25% water changes are performed weekly, with reverse osmosis water that has been re-mineralised using a re-mineral tropic, available from TMC. An AquaManta EFX 300 is used on this aquarium with the filter being maintained and cleaned, carbon changes occur every 8-12 weeks. 

The decor in this tank consists of 4 10Ltr Columbo Flora Base Pro substrate and a large piece of bogwood. Eleocharis Acicularis, Lobelia Cardinalis Dwarf, Cryopcoryne Wendtii Green, Ludwigia Palustris Red, Hygophila Corymbosa Thailand, Hygophila Rosae Australis, Pogostemon Helferi, Anubias Nana Mini are used to AquaScape the tank. The following livestock calls this eA aquarium home: Cardinal Tetras, False Julii Corydoras, Apistogramma Agassizii, Diamond Koi Angelfish, Peacock Gudgeon, Octocinclus Catfish, Leopard Blue Angelfish, Zebra Angelfish, Marbled Angelfish and Adonis Pleco

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