Tank of the Month - July 2019

Each month we showcase an aquarium from one of our 160 stores across the UK to excite and inspire you with your own aquarium designs. This month, we have chosen this beautiful aquarium from our Ayr store.

Aquarium Maintenance

This D&D 1500s Aquarium is lit with Al Hydra lighting. The lights are on for a 10 hour day for 8 am- 6 pm with random thunderstorms throughout the day. 

A 500W heater with an external controller is used on this tank. No direct filter is used on this aquarium due to it being sumped: a TMC Auto Top up, Deltec Skimmer and a Blue Marine Pellet rector running Microbelift Phosphate Pellets. the sump is syphoned weekly with a 25% water change happening once a week. 

The aquascaping in this tank is built upon Elephant Ears, Anemones (Red Bubble Tip), Zoa, Toadstool, XXL Carpet Anemone and Sea Apples. This aquarium houses the following livestock: Regal Tang, Unicorn Tang, Bicolour Blenny, black Wrasse, Pair Maroon Clowns, Flame Angel, Cleaner Wrasse, Royal Gramma, Pair of Bangui Cardinals.pair cleaner shrimps, fire shrimp, boxer shrimp.

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