Tank of the Month - May 2019

Each month we showcase an aquarium from one of our 160 stores across the UK to excite and inspire you with your own aquarium designs. This month, we have chosen this beautiful aquarium from our Liverpool Store.

Aquarium Maintenance

This display aquarium is lit with a Fluval AquaSky 30W LED lighting unit. The LED is set to a full-colour spectrum of red, blue and white, and on a 10-hour cycle.

A JBL heater is used on this tank. With filtration coming from an air pump to add additional oxygen and help with the circulation of breaking down waste to be then moved towards the intake filter. A Hydra Filtron 1500 filter, that is maintained once a month, to keep the water polished and looking its best.

Water changing this aquarium comes with ease, due to an Aqua Marin Water change pump in place on the tank. This powerful mini pump will push water from a bucket into the tank and out. Water changes are done on a fortnightly basis.

The decor in this tank is kept to a few items. JBL Aqua Basis is used on the base, with a 1-inch layer of natural gravel and Dragon Rock hardscape. A Variety of plants have been used to scape this tank: Anubias var. Nana, Nana bonzai, Nana coin. Java fern, cryptocoryne var. Bullosa, wendtii green/brown, beckettii. Echniodorus Bleheri.

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