David Garcia Boiza

Store Manager at Fishkeeper Livingston

How long have you been a Maidenhead Aquatics Team Member?

Over five years now. 3 in Inverness and then, Livingston. Time flies….

How long have you been keeping fish?

There are a few pictures of me in the cradle with a fish tank nearby so….my whole life.

What was it that got you hooked on fishkeeping?

Jacques Cousteau documentaries to be honest. I wanted to be like him. So I dreamt for hours looking at my tank….

What was it that made you decide to turn your fishkeeping hobby into a career?

I started working with fish while at University. But really got me when I discovered aquascaping, that has been a way to expression since, 13 years ago.

Which species do you most enjoy keeping and why?

Raibowfish and Tanganyika cichlids in freshwater, tiny gobies in marine. Colours and behaviour….love them.