Owen Hood

Sales Assistant at Wenvoe

How long have you been a Maidenhead Aquatics Team Member?

I have been a member of the Maidenhead Aquatics Team since 2015 following the completion of my work experience at the Wenvoe store. 

How long have you been keeping fish?

I’ve always had fish in the household and grew up with the belief that every home is not complete without an aquarium. I begun making it my own and developing a more in-depth understanding of fishkeeping in my younger teens. I am still learning and refining my knowledge base on a day to day basis through working for Maidenhead Aquatics, so my hobby constantly evolves.

What was it that got you hooked on fishkeeping?

My interest in fish was always there from a young age, I was fascinated by the array of choice, behaviours and colours. I had to learn more and the greatest way to learn is to do!

What species do you most enjoy keeping and why?

Up-until recently I kept several Rainbowfish species. Unique behaviours, striking colours and their hardy and forgiving nature made them a great choice. For the Fishkeeper with patience, watching a Rainbowfish grow and develop from little grey fingerlings into bold, active fish of splendour, they are definitely the most rewarding family of fish you can keep!

What's the best customer you ever had and why?

Working in a pond specialist store that sells Japanese Koi we have a lot of Koi customers that just know exactly what they are talking about, they are a fountain of knowledge and are happy both to teach and to learn. I enjoy the discussions I hold with them.

What pearl of wisdom would you give to a first-time fishkeeper?

Take your time, patience allows you to see the path ahead. If you rush, you’ll likely rush into problems that can be very off-putting for a first time Fishkeeper.

What would be your dream aquarium?

If time and space was not a limitation of mine I would love to keep larger predator fish that of the likes of Stingray or Arrowana!

What's the most interesting thing you've learnt since joining Maidenhead Aquatics?

The most interesting thing I’ve learned since working for Maidenhead Aquatics is the culture surrounding Koi. Knowing how to look after Koi and knowing about Koi are two very separate things and until I begun working at Maidenhead Aquatics @ Wenvoe my interest in such things was never there, now I attend Koi shows, clubs and meetings!

What questions do customer's ask you most often?

I’m always asked if I have a fish with “a bit of colour?”, and “can you part with some advice?” To which I am always happy to oblige!

What is your favourite aspect of your work at Maidenhead Aquatics?

Most certainly the people I meet, whether they’re an interesting customer or a renowned hobbyist or even another member of staff with similar interests.