TMC Gamma Krill Pacifica

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TMC Gamma Krill Pacifica
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  • 100% natural frozen fish food
  • Suitable for all aquarium fish: tropical, cichlid and coldwater
  • Highest quality ingredients, rapidly packed, sealed & frozen.
  • 100g blister pack - 30 cubes

This 100% natural frozen fish food offers your aquarium fish the opportunity to eat a more natural food source. Gamma frozen foods are the only food used at world renowned Tropical Marine Centre, in all  four of its fish holding facilities. The name Gamma comes from the irradiation method used to eliminate the risk of introducing harmful parasites and bacteria into the the aquarium. This all natural food ensures your fish receive a well balanced diet as well as providing them with enrichment. 

The blister packs are individual cubes to allow one measured portion of food to be offered at a time, leaving the rest of the product sealed. The colour coding on the packaging makes it easy to know what food is suitable for what!

The 250g flat packs are a solid block of frozen food with very little packaging, they work out very good value for money but without the ease of offering cubes quickly and easily. 

The 100g blister pack contains 30 portions of Krill pacifica. Krill Pacifica are small shrimp like marine crustaceans naturally found in the Pacific where it is the main food source of penguins, seals and whales. It is known to be one of the most nutritionally balanced and therefore one of the best natural food sources for fish and other aquatic life. It can be fed to marine and freshwater species. 

Analytical Constituents:
Protein 5.0%, Oils and Fats 0.5%, Fibre 1.0%, Ash 3.0%, Moisture 90.0%