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We at Maidenhead Aquatics first opened our doors as a small shop in Kings Road, in Maidenhead town centre, in June 1984. This is how we got our name "Maidenhead Aquatics". David Lawrence, a hobbyist at the time, founded the business after many years of having a keen interest in tropical fish and water gardening. The store gained popularity after a year or so due to high levels of customer service as well as the offering of aquarium and pond maintenance outside the store. Around five years later the store closed and moved about five miles away to Bourne End Garden Centre where we had the space to stock many more lines. The store was around six times the size of our first store.

Over the next thirty years our business expanded to over 140 stores nationwide, run by over 50 owner/business partners, all with an interest in fishkeeping. Partners are encouraged to specialise in their own individual areas ensuring that every Maidenhead Aquatics store is unique and maintained through good practice and quality customer service. We believe that one of the most enjoyable parts of fishkeeping should be visiting a good store, providing you with the inspiration and enthusiasm to develop different aspects of your hobby, from that first goldfish all the way through to a state-of-the-art reef aquarium.

Equipment has come so far since the day we first opened our doors. The ability to keep a beautiful aquarium or pond has never been easier.

For the future we will endeavour to support our customers to help them enjoy their hobby whilst continually providing a growing product range to aid in doing so.

We would like to sincerely thank our customers for their support over the past 40 years.


First Maidenhead Aquatics store.

We opened our first Maidenhead Aquatics store in Kings Street, Maidenhead.


Our Kings Street store moved to Bourne End.

Our Kings Street store moved to Bourne End – providing us with six times the space of our original location and providing local customers with more accessible parking that made it easier to transport their fish tanks to. The new location also allowed us to embrace the synergy between gardening and ponds and aquatics for the first time.


First partner-owned store.

Our Iver store in Buckinghamshire opened marking the launch of our first partner-owned store


First Welsh store.

Our first Welsh store opened in Cardiff and has now become one of our biggest stores in the UK.


Maidenhead Aquatics opened Hillside Fisheries.

This facility, situated in the beautiful Welsh countryside, is where our skilled keepers are able to give fish the best of care so that we can be sure we are providing healthy fish who have the best possible chance of thriving in our customers tanks. As well as producing fish on site, we import fish from trusty suppliers, screen and treat and issues and where they are grown on before being sent out to our stores. Find out more about Hillside Fisheries


Stuart Ashley debuts on CBBC!

The Partners that own Maidenhead Aquatics are all incredibly passionate and enthusiastic about fishkeeping but none less than Stuart Ashley who was always looking for new ways to share his love of the hobby. In June 2001 Stuart worked with CBBC to create a short kids introduction to fishkeeping. Here’s a look at the first episod.:


Simon Langdale, one of our Senior Partners, joined the board of OATA.

Simon Langdale, one of our Senior Partners, joined the board of OATA - the Ornamental Aquatics Trade Association - where we are able to actively contribute to their work around protection and promotion of the trade, including setting high standards, providing good education and training, and encouraging responsible ownership and enjoyment among fish keepers. Find out more about OATA.

2004 website was launched.

Maidenhead Aquatics went digital for the first time and the website was launched, providing a wealth of information about our livestock and products for our customers.


Launch of AquaManta brand

AquaManta is an aquarium equipment brand which is exclusive to Maidenhead Aquatics. The range now encompasses everything from complete nano aquariums to décor, filters and air pumps. AquaManta products are not only really reliable but also great value and perfect for both new and experienced fishkeepers.


Our first exclusive aquarium brand – Aqua Oak - was launched.

Unique in their quality and built to last a lifetime, from European and North American Oak, this beautiful range of aquariums was designed to complement the existing furnishings of your home and the range continues to develop in line with key trends today.


Launch of exclusive AquaTropic brand

Our exclusive Aquatropic range is the ultimate in affordable aquariums for a beginner: great prices and LED lighting make these aquariums a success for anyone starting out, and they are even available with matching cabinets. All the aquariums come with a filter and heater so these aquariums just need a little decoration and water and they will be ready for your beloved pets.


The Fishkeeper YouTube channel launched.

With the introduction of our in-house Fishkeeper Films team, we embraced the opportunity to share our passion for fishkeeping through the medium of film, and today we boast over 17.7K subscribers who have signed up to enjoy our short films showcasing fish species, products and general fishkeeping interest themes.


First Scottish store.

Our first Scottish store opened its doors marking the birth of Fishkeeper Scotland in Glasgow and since then we have continued to expand in Scotland leading to the 13 stores we currently have there.


Launch of our exclusive AquaCare range.

Launch of our exclusive AquaCare range of fish foods and treatments designed for optimum health and nutrition of your fish by our fishkeeping experts.


Introduction of ‘Feed the Fish’ in-store vending machines to our stores.

In the same way that children enjoy putting a pound into a vending machine to receive a ball with a toy in it in other venues, our vending machines dispense a pod of fish food instore containing fish food that the children can feed to our fish in stores, providing another active mechanism of engagement for children to get them interested and actively involved in the hobby during their store visit.


Launch of our exclusive Aquagarden range.

Launch of our Maidenhead Aquatics exclusive Aquagarden range – designed in partnership with Interpet, a leading British water gardening company. Extensive fishkeeping and pond knowledge from this partnership brought together to create this range of products, so you can be assured of beautifully simple water gardening.


First Northern Ireland store

Our first Northern Ireland store opened Belfast, one of the largest cities in the UK, and now offers the largest selection of livestock and fishkeeping supplies in Northern Ireland.


First non-mainland store

Our first non-mainland store opened on the Isle of Wight in Sandown.


Introduction of online shop on



Fishkeeper Plus was born.

Fishkeeper Plus was born – our pond and aquarium installation, maintenance and servicing division of Maidenhead Aquatics covering the areas of Surrey, Berkshire and Hampshire.


Maidenhead Aquatics and Independent Aquatic Imports began supporting LINI – The Indonesian Nature Foundation.

Since then between us we have donated over US$23,000.00 to this great organisation. In addition, we have also collected monies in counter-top collection pots across our 160 stores and Fishkeeper Scotland have organised some separate fundraising events which you can read more about and find out about the work LINI are doing.
Representatives from our teams and Senior Management regularly visit the Indonesian communities who the foundation support and we actively seek to raise awareness and visibility of the cause to educate and provide a livelihood to locals - whilst helping to preserve marine habitats.


Stuart Ashley introduced the First Fishkeeper Fry programme for school children.

Stuart Ashley, one of our Senior Partners, introduced the First Fishkeeper Fry programme for school children to break down some of the barriers traditionally associated with fishkeeping and enable children to have the opportunity in a way that was safe and controlled for the fish and low risk for parents. Find out more about our now annual Fishkeeper Fry programme here:


Launch of our exclusive pond range of products AquaPond Care.

Launch of our exclusive pond range of products - AquaPond Care – a range of pond treatments and medications designed by fishkeeping experts to help keep your pond clean, clear and healthy.


First marine-focused Maidenhead Aquatics store - The Reefkeeper

Our first truly marine-focused Maidenhead Aquatics store - The Reefkeeper was opened in Windsor, offering everything to make the dream marine aquarium a reality and breaking the conventional mould and redefining the boundaries of what a specialist store could offer.


Launch of exclusive AquaMarin brand

Our exclusive range of aquariums Aqua Marin aquariums have been hugely successful with marine fishkeepers. Aqua Marin aquariums have loads of great features and added value which is comparable to aquariums from industry-leading brands such as Evolution Aqua and Red Sea. Also, within the Aqua Marin brand sits our incredibly handy water change pump, a real favourite amongst aquarium lovers saving lots of heavy lifting during water changes.


Website re-launch

Building on the success of the original Fishkeeper website and still offering fantastic content to support all aspects of the fishkeeping hobby, we relaunched our website with a fresh new look and streamlined purchase experience for our online customer base.


Launch of

Our website was launched for beginners in koi keeping and seasoned hobbyists alike equipping visitors to the site with everything they need to evolve their koi keeping hobby.


Introduction of Click and Collect to

Offering our customers the option of collecting their online orders from any one of our stores across the UK at a time and place that suits them.


New In-store Fish Labels

Introduced to our stores directly linking the labels on our fish systems to our extensive Databank of fishy information, providing a wealth of information about all the fish we stock at our customers’ fingertips. On each of our stock tanks, these helpful fish labels contain information about the nature of the fish, feeding recommendations, maximum size, compatibility, and temperature requirements. Each label has a QR code that links through to a detailed portfolio of that species giving you all the information you need to care for the fish.


Watch this space! Exciting times ahead….

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