AquaManta is an aquarium equipment brand which is exclusive to Maidenhead Aquatics. The range now encompasses everything from complete nano aquariums to décor, filters and air pumps. AquaManta products are not only really reliable but also great value and perfect for both new and experienced fishkeepers.

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  1. AquaManta EFX Standard External Filter Carbon Pack
    AquaManta EFX External Filter Carbon Pack
    From £10.49
  2. media container for EFX.
    AquaManta EFX 200 Media Container
    Out of Stock Online
  3. AquaManta EFX Pro Replacement Heads
    AquaManta EFX Pro Replacement Heads
    From £98.15
  4. AquaManta PHX Replacement filter head
    AquaManta PHX Powerhead Pump
    From £28.39
  5. AquaManta EFX External Filter Full Inlet Set
    AquaManta EFX External Filter Full Inlet Set
    From £16.99
  6. AquaManta BioPro Filter Media
    AquaManta BioPro Filter Media
    Out of Stock Online
  7. Aquamanta, aquarium scraper with twin prong bottom
    Aquamanta 4 in 1 Scraper (35cm)
    Out of Stock Online
  8. AquaManta Livebearer Breeding Box
    AquaManta Livebearer Breeding Box
    From £11.99
  9. replacement hose, for aqua manta EFX
    AquaManta EFX 600/2200/2400 Hose Set
    Out of Stock Online