Aquarium Rock - Green Quartz Rock

£4.50 per kg
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The size and shape of this rock will vary on a piece by piece basis, and from store to store. Please contact your local store for availability and to buy.

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Green Quartz Rock brings colour too your aquarium as well as providing cover and variety for your fish. It's suitable for all types of aquaria (eg Tropical and Marine) and safe for all aquatic life.

Aquarium rocks help to provide a more authentic look and often gives fish a habitat like their native one. Keeping fish in a natural habitat as similar as possible to their native habitat may help to reduce stress in fish and can also give your aquarium a natural and authentic appearance. Rocks or wood can provide hiding places to fish that need this kind of environment to escape other aggressive species.

Rocks provide a great deal of surface area for the nitrifying bacteria to colonize on. These bacteria help to eradicate ammonia and nitrites from your aquarium. Not only do they help with bacteria, but some fish species also eat algae off rocks. Providing these fish with rocks in an aquarium setting allows them to do something instinctual while providing them with a healthy, natural diet.

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