BiOrb Air Pump


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BiOrb Air Pump
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  • Practical and suitable accessories for your biOrb Aquarium
  • For water circulation and aeration in BiOrb Aquariums
  • Runs with low voltage
  • Compatible with the biOrb transformer (Not included)
  • Power consumption 0.8 W
  • This product comes with a 2-year warranty.

This small quiet air pump is designed to be used with any of the BiOrb series of aquariums. The pump itself is used for both water circulation and aeration, it runs with a very low voltage keeping your running costs low and is compatible with the biOrb transformer so you only need a minimal number of plug sockets to run your aquarium and all its equipment. Air pumps are a useful piece of equipment for the aquarium, they provide extra oxygen for the inhabitants and the bubbles can make an attractive feature. The constant bursting of bubbles at the surface will also create water movement which aids in preventing the buildup of waste on the surface.