Fluval is the most well-known brand in indoor aquatics and the vast catalogue of products they have means every type of fishkeeper is catered for. Their innovation often leads the worlds aquatic's market and their reputation has been earned by their development of technically advanced, innovative products which are easy to use and convenient for the modern fishkeeper. Fluval has everything from Nano aquariums, or grand bow front aquariums and their filtration, lighting and additive ranges can compliment every aquarium.

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  1. Replacement Fluval BioMax Media.
    Fluval Biomax (500g)
  2. fluval, tubing, airline
    Fluval Airline Tubing
    From £3.49
  3. Fluval edge thermometer.
    Fluval Edge Thermometer
  4. Fluval Sea Marine 3.0 LED
    Fluval Sea Marine 3.0 Bluetooth LED
    From £186.99
  5. Fluval BioFoam Block for External Filters
    Fluval External Filter Foam Block
    From £4.99
  6. FX gravel cleaner, complete kit.
    Fluval FX Gravel Cleaner Kit
  7. fluval flex 57 aquarium stand black with shelf
    Fluval Flex 57 Litre Aquarium Stand
    From £86.99
  8. Fluval filter media
    Fluval Pre-Filter Media (750g)
    Out of Stock Online
  9. media pack from Fluval for aquariums.
    Fluval Essential Media Pack
  10. mini foam pad
    Fluval Mini Foam Pad
  11. aquavac plus in box
    Fluval Aquavac Plus
    Out of Stock Online
  12. Fluval U3 Spare Foam Cartridge Frame
    Fluval U3 Spare Foam Cartridge Frame
    Out of Stock Online
  13. Fluval Q1/Q2 Air Pump Repair Module
    Fluval Q1/Q2 Air Pump Repair Module
    Out of Stock Online
  14. Fluval Hang On Breeding Box
    Fluval Hang On Breeding Box