Knight Goby
Knight Goby

Knight Goby

Stigmatogobius sadanundio
SynonymsGobius sadanundio
DistributionBangladesh, Cambodia, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Pakistan, Singapore, Sri Lanka, and Thailand.
Sexual DimorphismMature females yellower & fuller bodied. Mature males with extended rays on first dorsal fin + longer anal & second dorsal fins.
Maximum Size9cm (3.5”)
Water ParametersBrackish. Hard, alkaline. pH: 7.2-8.2, dH: 12-25 degrees.
Temperature20-26 deg C (68-79 deg F)
CompatibilitySpecialist Community

Knight Gobies are a beautiful bottom-dwelling species for the brackish water aquarium. Large adults are capable of taking small fish species, so be sure to house them with appropriately sized tankmates. Multiple specimens may be kept together providing that the aquarium is furnished with plenty of rocky caves and crevices (visual barriers), in order for these fish to form their territories. If there aren’t enough territories per fish, they will become aggressive with one another; as a guide, at least two or three hiding places per fish should be provided. It is best to use a soft sand substrate or fine smooth rounded gravel as these fish will spend the majority of their time on the bottom of the tank. Lighting should not be too bright as these fish can be a little timid in well-lit situations. Plants tolerant of low light brackish conditions may be grown, as these fish pose no threat to them. Knight Gobies are unforgiving of less than ideal conditions, so powerful filtration and a regular maintenance schedule is a must. Keep the tank well-covered as these fish will jump.


Small frozen foods such as mosquito larvae, Spirulina-enriched brineshrimp, Mysis shrimp, chopped krill & prawns etc. Known to graze on some forms of algae. Capable of taking small fish & fry.


Very difficult. Following an elaborate courtship ritual, the female Knight Goby deposits her eggs (numbering several hundred) on the ceiling of a rocky cave, flowerpot etc, which the male then guards. The fry are said to be extremely small and difficult to raise.

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