We pride ourselves on the enormous variety and quality of fish we can offer in our stores across the UK, and the needs of the livestock are our utmost priority. By creating our very own livestock charter, we aspire to meet the highest welfare standards in the industry. We will never knowingly sell products that compromise the livestock in any way. Our comprehensive Databank provides an encyclopaedia of information about the fish we stock in our stores. Please note that not all species  are stocked in every store. We recommend that you contact your local store to check for any specific availability before making a journey.


Fishkeeper Databank

Everything you need to know about the fish and aquatic plants sold in our stores across the UK
Fishkeeper Databank

Help Guides

Whether you are just starting out on your fishkeeping journey, or have been keeping fish for as long as you can remember, you are sure to find something here that will help you evolve your passion; whether that be to solve a fishkeeping problem, answer a burning question about your fish or just reassure you that what you doing to care for your fish is just the right thing. Happy browsing!
Fish FAQs
If you have a question about any aspect of fishkeeping you want answering quickly, one of our customers may already have asked it.
Caring for your Fish and Invertebrates
First and foremost, it’s vital that any aquarium is properly established and suitable for your chosen species if they are to thrive.
Feeding Guides
Feeding your aquarium fish the correct types and quantities of fish food is essential for maintaining good long-term health. There is a vast range of different nourishment available for your fish.
Fish Diseases
If you find that the fish in your aquarium are exhibiting signs of disease or illness, do not panic. There are plenty of medicines available.
First Time Fishkeeper
This short video-led course has been designed and produced by a team of expert fishkeepers to educate any new fishkeeper.
Seasonal Tips
Check out our top tips, month-by-month, for indoor and outdoor fishkeeping so that you can be sure that your fish are always receiving the very best care you can give them all year round.
Fish Glossary
If you are in doubt about any of the fishy terms used in fishkeeping in general or on the website specifically, this useful A-Z reference should help shed some light on their meaning.
Our series of Fascinating Ichthyological Nugget (FIN) articles are a great way to propel your aquatic knowledge above and beyond with incredible facts and stories about the underwater world. From 'Tipsy Goldfish' to female fishes who protect their eggs in their mouths-you are sure to learn something new about the hobby here.
Fishkeeper Fry
This fintastic short video-led course has been designed and produced in line with core primary curriculum science themes by a team of expert fishkeepers and teachers to inspire and educate primary school children in the art and science of fish and fish keeping.
Whether you are just starting out on your pond-keeping adventure, or have been a koi fanatic for as long as you can remember, our Koikeeper specialists can help with whatever you need to evolve your Koi keeping hobby! Home exclusively to Japanese koi, our sister website offers everything you need for your koi hobby online.
Our Reefkeeper stores specialise in marine aquariums and here you’ll find everything to create a beautiful slice of the sea in your own home. From the ground up, we can help you choose your perfect aquarium with the right equipment to sustain and grow your tank, and all the livestock, just as you imagine it to be.

Fish focus

Get a feel for some of our fish in action with our Fish Focus videos showcasing a wide range of species available in-store.

Latest articles

  • What's in Store - August 2022
    Categories: Our Stores
    What's in Store - August 2022

    Given the length of time that they’ve been prized as pets, it’s not surprising that Fancy goldfish are available in a range of shapes and colours. Some, such as this Panda oranda seen recently at our Shrewsbury branch, are more rarely seen than others due to the difficulties in breeding fish with stable colouration. Caught mid-yawn, this fish is also demonstrating the mouthparts that are so efficient at grubbing through the sand for food and munching on delicate pla

  • Fancy goldfish
    Categories: Our Stores
    What's in Store - July 2022

    Lake Tanganyika is home to a fantastic array of cichlids, most of which are found nowhere else. These fascinating fishes have evolved many different forms, including the high-bodied Altolamprologus which can hunt small prey in tight crevices.

  • red-top trewavasae
    Categories: Our Stores
    What's in Store - June 2022

    The pond season is in full swing and it’s mild enough for fancy goldfish to join their pond-hardy kin for an extended break under summer skies.

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