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Fishkeeper Fry 2018 - Episode 2

What is Fishkeeper Fry?

This short video-led course has been designed and produced in line with core primary curriculum science themes by a team of expert fishkeepers to inspire and educate primary school children in the art and science of fish and fish keeping.

All the livestock, guides and videos that make up the lessons within the programme are provided by the specialists at Maidenhead Aquatics, completely free of charge to the schools chosen to participate, and sponsorship from popular aquatic brands Fluval and API, means that each school class that participates in the programme will receive all the equipment they need to set up their aquarium.

St Oswalds
Fishkeeper of the Week
Millbank Primay Week One 2
Aquarium of the Week
Stanborough Primary Week One 5
Task Sheet of the Week

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The fantastic sponsors helping us deliver the Fishkeeper Fry experience

Terms and conditions:

  • The aquarium must stay in the school for all 8 weeks of the programme. At the end of the programme, please choose one of the 3 following options:
    1. Keep the aquarium and all fish in your school
    2. Return all equipment and fish to your assigned store
    3. If a member of staff or a parent wishes to take the aquarium away, they can do so at a cost – please email us for further information.
  • Fishkeeper of the Week – We will feature a photograph from a participating school each week from the submissions sent to us. The photograph selected to feature on our website will win a £25 gift voucher for the school from Maidenhead Aquatics that will be posted out at our earliest convenience. This voucher is valid in store or online at any Maidenhead Aquatics store. It is your responsibility to ensure that the correct consent forms are supplied to us with the images.
  • Drawing of the Week – ‘’Drawing of the Week will be posted on our Fishkeeper Fry webpage so you can view what other schools involved are producing.
  • Aquarium of the Week – We will feature an aquarium each week from the submissions we receive on our website. Please provide us with information alongside the pictures to help us choose which school will be showcased each week. If these images contain children then please ensure that the correct consent forms are supplied to us with your images.
  • In addition to the materials supplied, you will need to make photocopies of the weekly task sheets, enough for one per child. You are therefore required to use your facilities to produce these additional materials as required. The completion certificate will be sent across as a PDF. 

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