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A fintastic learning opportunity for 7-8 year olds!

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What is Fishkeeper Fry?

This short video-led course has been designed and produced in line with core primary curriculum science themes by a team of expert fishkeepers and teachers to inspire and educate primary school children in the art and science of fish and fish keeping.

All the livestock, guides and videos that make up the lessons within the programme are provided by the specialists at Maidenhead Aquatics and sponsorship from popular aquatic brands Fluval and Tetra.

All we ask in return is that those of you who are participating in this year's programme share their experience with us as they go on their journey of discovery, in the form of journals, artwork and photos that we can use to share with our social and website audiences.

Content provided from our participating schools will be used to identify Fishkeeper, Aquarium and Task sheet of the week, and will be in with the chance to win weekly prizes. With a Fishkeeper School of the year to be announced at the end of the programme.

Fishkeeper of the Week - Coming Soon!

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Task Sheet of the Week - Coming Soon!

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Our Sponsors

Thanks to our primary sponsor Fluval and secondary sponsor Tetra for helping us to bring the Fishkeeper Fry experience to life.

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